Webhosting control panel plesk and cPanel

In linux web hosting industry there are two most famous control panel ie. Plesk and cPanel. We will see difference and similarity between these two control panel also advantage and disadvantages of using them.

The choice of the control panel is client personal needs and comfort with the interface.

Advantages and disadvantages.

Major difference is plesk control panel usage database to store all records but cPanel uses simple text files to store all records and all tasks are executed using perl scripts.

Plesk and cPanel both offers all features to user such as managing email accounts, FTP account, hosting account and resellers account , creating database etc.. Also configuration of services like FTP , Mysql , Apache/Httpd , Named , mail and configuration of applications like php.

Since plesk use mysql database operation of tasks take bit more time than cPanel. Also if due to any bug in update any problem appears hosting provider have only option is to contact their support and let them fix. But in case of cPanel we can easily go back to previous version and sometime fix manually by updating records in files.

If mysql service goes down for any reason or database of plesk crashes then this takes entire plesk down that is not in case of cPanel. If case of any crash like if you are terminating any account from plesk and if server crashes before it terminate account you will need to work on DB to remove partially terminated account which is impossible without help of plesk support. But in case of cPanel it goes very easy to finish partially completed task by making changes to some text files this great advantage.

Migration of hosting account as it is from plesk to cPanel or cPanel to plesk nearly impossible so it is important to test both Panels and make decision. Personally I recommend go for cPanel.

Performance security

Although Resources usage of cPanel is less than plesk both fast in terms performance , secure and most stable panels in available hosting control panels.


Most of the people use cPanel because it is cheaper than plesk.

Operating system:

cPanel runs only on linux but plesk works on windows. For windows server plesk is highly recommended control panel.

Un installation:

cPanel it is not possible to un install cPanel. You only have option backup data and then re install server.

Plesk offer uninstall feature but it is not recommended.