creating database without cpanel user prefix

Creating mysql user and database without cPanel user prefix.

By default cPanel used to create database and DB user with cPanel username _as prefix. But now cPanel version 68 allows you to disable prefixing so you can create single DBs and DB users.

You can enable disable prefix feature from

WHM > Tweak Setting >  Require a username prefix on names of new databases and database user

Example: If you create database with name wp as cPanel user india. It will create database as india_wp but if you disable this then it will allow you to create database with name wp only.

Access webalizer stats without login to cpanel

How to access webalizer stats without login to cpanel.

First login to cPanel > File manager > public_html > edit .htaccess.

Now create symlink for webalizer in public_html folder using following command.

ln -s ../tmp/webalizer webstats

chown username.username webstats

chmod 755 ../tmp/webalizer

Replace webstats with name you want in order to access your website statistics.
Change the owner to account user and permissions to 755.

You will need ssh access to create symlink.

If you don’t have ssh access . Then create php file in public_html and copy paste following code in it.


$target = ‘/home/cPanelusername/tmp/webalizer’;

$shortcut = ‘webstat’;

symlink($target, $shortcut);


Now, access it using browser. This will create symlink and you will able to access webalizer stats using url .

You can remove php you created to generate symlink.

Access Awstats without logging into cPanel

How to access Awstats without logging to cPanel

We will learn how to configure awstats to access without cPanel.

Download awstats-version-number.tar.gz from > dowmnload on your PC.

Create a folder and extract the contents to it. You will find two folders cgi-bin and iocn you need to upload then using File Manager (in cPanel) or FTP to “public_html” folder.

Then go to public_html/cgi-bin & change the permissions of the and files to 755.

Now go to homedirectory via FTP there you will find folder tmp/awstats/. Search for ( should be your domain). This is file created by cPanel just download it to your PC.

Edit this file with text editor and alter ‘DirIcons’ line to DirIcons=’/icon/’ and upload it public_html/cgi-bin folder.

Now you shall able to access awstats using url

We recommend to password protect cgi-bin folder.