How to host website

How to host website ?

You need to register a domain (website) from domain registar. Another option is signup to web space at web hosting provider and register domain with them. Most of the web hosting service provider allow client to register domain at very low price and some offer registering domain free of cost.

Once you are done with signup to webspace and registering domain. You will get control panel login details. Your web developer need to upload web pages using FTP login details. After uploading pages just browse your site name and your site is live.

What is web hosting

What is Web hosting and web hosting service providers.

Web hosting means rent web space for your web site so that it will be accessible using internet allover world.

Web hosting services provide web space on their server to host your website (developed with help of webdeveloper) .  These servers are very high powered hardware configuration and internet connectivity upto 1 GB ie. 1024 mbps.  Once you host your web site internet user can type your web site in browser and access your web site.