Webhosting control panel plesk and cPanel

In linux web hosting industry there are two most famous control panel ie. Plesk and cPanel. We will see difference and similarity between these two control panel also advantage and disadvantages of using them.

The choice of the control panel is client personal needs and comfort with the interface.

Advantages and disadvantages.

Major difference is plesk control panel usage database to store all records but cPanel uses simple text files to store all records and all tasks are executed using perl scripts.

Plesk and cPanel both offers all features to user such as managing email accounts, FTP account, hosting account and resellers account , creating database etc.. Also configuration of services like FTP , Mysql , Apache/Httpd , Named , mail and configuration of applications like php.

Since plesk use mysql database operation of tasks take bit more time than cPanel. Also if due to any bug in update any problem appears hosting provider have only option is to contact their support and let them fix. But in case of cPanel we can easily go back to previous version and sometime fix manually by updating records in files.

If mysql service goes down for any reason or database of plesk crashes then this takes entire plesk down that is not in case of cPanel. If case of any crash like if you are terminating any account from plesk and if server crashes before it terminate account you will need to work on DB to remove partially terminated account which is impossible without help of plesk support. But in case of cPanel it goes very easy to finish partially completed task by making changes to some text files this great advantage.

Migration of hosting account as it is from plesk to cPanel or cPanel to plesk nearly impossible so it is important to test both Panels and make decision. Personally I recommend go for cPanel.

Performance security

Although Resources usage of cPanel is less than plesk both fast in terms performance , secure and most stable panels in available hosting control panels.


Most of the people use cPanel because it is cheaper than plesk.

Operating system:

cPanel runs only on linux but plesk works on windows. For windows server plesk is highly recommended control panel.

Un installation:

cPanel it is not possible to un install cPanel. You only have option backup data and then re install server.

Plesk offer uninstall feature but it is not recommended.

securing cpanel website

Here we will learn easy command which will correct permission and ownership of all files and folders from cPanel account.

Below is command to correct ownership and permission of all files and folders of cPanel user. To execute this command you need root user access.

Suppose are securing permission and ownership of cPanel user midnight. Then commands will be.

Correcting ownership of home directory

chown midnight.midnight /home/midnight

Command to set secure permission for home directory of cPanel user midnight

chown 711 /home/midnight

Following command will find all files and set secure permission as 644.

cd /home/midnight/public_html;find ./ -type f -exec chmod 644 "{}" \;

Now find all folders and set secure permission as 755

cd /home/midnight/public_html;find ./ -type d -exec chmod 755 "{}" \;

Above command will set 755 permission to public_html folder as well. But recommended permission for public_html folder is 750

cd /home/midnight/public_html;chmod 750 ../public_html

Now correcting ownership of all files and folders stored in public_html

cd /home/midnight/public_html;chown midnight.midnight ../public_html -R

Then correct ownership of public_html folder using command

cd /home/midnight/public_html;chown midnight.nobody ../public_html

You have set secure permissions and ownership to all files and folders for cPanel account midnight.

Transfer Website from Weebly to WordPress

How to transfer a website from weebly to wordpress ?

Weebly is web designer software which make easy to design web site using weebly. But many advance web developer use wordpress CMS which provide more access to internal code. This is main reason people need to migrate site from weebly to wordpress.

But weebly doesn’t provide feature to export web site. There is a 3rd party tool named as WPBeginner weebly to wordpress site. We will learn in detail how to migrate using this tool.

Install WordPress

Setup new hosting account with your domain name (which is being used by weebly application). In order to install wordpress on the domain you don’t need to point dns of the domain to new hosting account. Instead just edit host file of your local PC and on last line add IP and domain in following format

IP-address-here yoursitename.com

This will point yoursitename.com to new IP (IP of new hosting account). Now install wordpress , and configure it like setting up theme, install required plugins for backup, security etc..and modify primary menu according to your original site requirement.

Migrate Content

Now we are ready to migrate data from weebly site to new wordpress site.

1: Visit url WeeblytoWP.com.

2: Insert your Weebly website URL (starting with HTTP:// or HTTPS://), name, and email account before clicking Export my Weebly Website.

3: Save the Export file.

4: In WordPress, after downloading your Weebly export file, select Tools and Import.

5: Select WordPress to install and activate the WordPress Import Plugin.

6: Select Run Importer at the top of the screen.

7: Browse for your RSS file before selecting Upload file and import.

8: Make any preferred changes on the Import Settings and assign an author to the imported posts. You can create an author or use an existing user.

The imported content should now show in their respective sections in WordPress.

Import Content Manually.

Many text and contents will not available in export file which will need to be copy manually. ie. Create page / post on your wordpress site and then copy text from weebly to wordpress pages/post and publish them.

Now time to Import images.

We recommend to use WordPress plugin. such as Save & Import Image from URL to import directly from Weebly. 

The easiest way to get an image URL:

For browser like Google Chrome: Right-click the image and select Open image in a new tab.

Fix Permalinks:

Now setting up Permalinks so that format of url’s of old website should match to new site’s url so that your user will not get 404 error while accessing urls using bookmarks. Also you will not need to submit urls for indexing. It can be set from WordPress > Wp-admin > Setting > Permalinks