cPanel web hosting


cPanel Webhosting.

cPanel is most user friendly panel in web hosting. Most of the shared hosting provider , reseller, dedicated & cloud server use this panel to manage client’s site or their own site. Most important feature of cPanel is it provide lots of features like. Create email accounts, setting filters, forwarders, FTP accounts , Password protect folders etc…

For hosting provider it is very important to manage and monitor activities going on their server especially on shared server. Main advantage of shared hosting server is you can host lots of sites and oversell resources.

What is overselling. Suppose you have server with 16 CPUs, 300 GB disk, 10 TB (10240 GB) bandwidth and 32 GB RAM. Such server will cost provide around $200 per month. Here hosting provider will provide client basic plan like: 10 GB , and 100 GB bandwidth for $2. He would able to host such 500 Clients on his cPanel server because most of the client ie. 90% will not use even 10 GB bandwidth and 1 GB disk space while hosting a site. Also most of sites will have very low traffic in such case they will not be using even 1% of server’s total resources.

In this way shared hosting server would able to make $1000 per server costing him $200 including cPanel license.

I will write few more post about Web hosting business. Feel free to raise any question either technical or non-technical in comment or contact us form. I would glad to assist free of cost.

How to host website

How to host website ?

You need to register a domain (website) from domain registar. Another option is signup to web space at web hosting provider and register domain with them. Most of the web hosting service provider allow client to register domain at very low price and some offer registering domain free of cost.

Once you are done with signup to webspace and registering domain. You will get control panel login details. Your web developer need to upload web pages using FTP login details. After uploading pages just browse your site name and your site is live.

What is web hosting

What is Web hosting and web hosting service providers.

Web hosting means rent web space for your web site so that it will be accessible using internet allover world.

Web hosting services provide web space on their server to host your website (developed with help of webdeveloper) .  These servers are very high powered hardware configuration and internet connectivity upto 1 GB ie. 1024 mbps.  Once you host your web site internet user can type your web site in browser and access your web site.